2018 AU/NZ yōu Convention Speakers

Meet this year’s exceptional group of Convention speakers. We can’t wait for them to share their knowledge and wisdom!



VANESSA JEAN OVENSScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.30.52 PM
Vanessa Jean has spent the past 20 years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, as a public speaker, retreat facilitator, sound healer, meditation leader and raw/wholefood cooking teacher with a personal dream as a guiding force. Her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through Food Alchemy with Vanessa Jean.



JESSIE REIMERSScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.07 PM
Jessie Reimers is the world’s youngest dōTERRA Presidential Diamond Leader, as someone that came from poor health and poverty and has had many different challenges and obstacles to face – she thrives on educating and empowering people to smash through their fear and draw on their inner strength and courage to create the life of their dreams. She has had no prior business experience, no formal qualifications and understands what it’s like to have low self worth and confidence. To feel like you don’t have the skill set, toolset or personality to achieve great things. Yet in the face of adversity she has risen and helps others rise with her.



TARA BLISSScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.16 PM
Tara Bliss is a bestselling author, dōTERRA Presidential Diamond and the foundress of Rebels Of Light – a mentoring hub for wide-awakening women on a mission to create real change in the world using courage, consciousness and collaborative leadership as their compass.Her mission is to guide women away from the confines of their false limitations and back to the remembrance of their vastness. She believes that every single one of us can re-write our story and that true freedom is just a breath away.



dōTERRA completely transformed my life and, I’m Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.24 PM (1)so incredibly grateful for the soul journey that I have been on over the last 4 years. I love being a dōTERRA leader because I get to be a teacher. I get to watch people rise into something greater than they have ever thought they could experience. I get to work alongside passionate people who want to change this world and, along the way I watch them shift and transform into amazing leaders who change the lives of others. My own passion extends into mentoring, teaching and writing to extend the experience of freedom, courage, purpose and sacred living into the world and beyond.



ERIC LARSENScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.31 PM
Eric Larsen is a Double Diamond and a partner with Founding Master Wellness Advocate Justin Harrison. Eric has worked in the direct sales industry since 1988 and has done business in over 50 international markets. Prior to becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Eric was the CEO of a large global company. He is passionate about dōTERRA’s ability to improve people’s lives. While it is evident that he strives for professional success, Eric considers himself most successful when he accomplishes his goal of being a good husband to his wife and dedicated father to his three children.



ROSIE NERNEYScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.42 PM
Rosie has a passion for connecting with mothers and inspiring them to nourish and believe in themselves. As an experienced Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she teaches mothers to ditch the excuses, believe in themselves and take action towards achieving their dreams. Rosie grew up in a small country town, and as an Aussie country girl at heart, her down to earth, big heart, say it like it is, no fluff approach, has inspired many to believe in themselves and their potential. She has built her dōTERRA business to Blue Diamond in just over 2yrs with no big network or online presence prior to dōTERRA.



LIZ CHICKScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.47 PM

Liz has had over 20 years’ experience in Early Childhood Education. She has worked as a lecturer, teaching and learning alongside remote and urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students of the Northern Territory and currently sits on the Early Childhood Australia NT Branch committee. After recently being introduced to dōTERRA essential oils, Liz’ focus quickly turned to using these gifts of the earth, combining the neuroscience behind wellness and identity and linking it with best educational theory and practice to empower families and educators around the country as they in turn support their children and adolescents mental, physical and emotionally wellbeing.



NATALIE CUTLER WALSHScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.53 PM
Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the ‘Go to Girl’ is CEO and founder of Go to Girl Social Media & Networking and co-author of parenting book, blog & podcast If Only They’d Told Me. As a keynote speaker, author, motherhood mentor (and mother of 3) she helps people to feel more empowered and energetic through her philosophy of ‘Give Give Get’. As seen on the AM show, NewsHub & Breakfast TV and numerous online & print publications, Canadian born Kiwi, Natalie is renown for her entertaining and on-point insights, talks and workshops & courses that leave people feeling empowered and inspired.



JODIE YORKScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.31.59 PM
Jodie joined the dōTERRA family 2 years ago determined to find a way to enhance her health and that of her family’s. Jodie now embraces a way of life that is inspired by getting back to basics. Simplifying, slowing down, and listening to natures rhythms. She is living with purpose and with vision – not just for herself and her nearest and dearest but also for her beloved community, The Wellness Naturally Collective, where together they inspire change within others using essential oils as the catalyst for that inspirational change.