Australia and New Zealand Incentive Trip




Uluru is unlike anywhere else in the world. Here the ancient culture of the local Anangu people combines with the icons of Ayers Rock and The Olgas. See how these spectacular rock formations emphasise the vastness of this amazing landscape where time stands still and adventures are waiting to be experienced.

Wake up to the desert sunrise with a cultural guided base walk. Engage in exceptional activities including Aboriginal cultural interactive learning. The amazing field of lights has been extended and we will get to enjoy a sunset evening walk through this world renowned art installation set with the mighty silhouette of Uluru always on the horizon under the vast expanse of the southern skies.

The days will be hot, so we will pack activities into the cooler mornings and evenings, allowing you day time to relax by the pool and enjoy all that the resort has to offer.

The scene is set for an amazing dinner finale, under a canopy of stars and surrounded by the desert landscape. Listen as the locals share contemporary and traditional tales about the constellations above.

This will be a once in a lifetime experience, a chance to MEET, CONNECT and REFLECT.

Uluru is simply inspiring by nature: perfect for when you want the freedom to think and the inspiration to dream big, which is why it is the perfect location for a dōTERRA incentive trip.






SAILS IN THE DESERT In the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, Sails in the Desert hotel beautifully contrasts Uluru’s raw natural beauty with a decidedly luxurious outback holiday experience.

Soaring white sails crown Ayers Rock Resort’s Sails in the Desert hotel, shading 228 luxury five star rooms and suites.

In a destination where one of the world’s oldest cultures still thrives, the mystery, colour and wisdom of the local Anangu people is interwoven into every facet of Sails in the Desert’s modern design. More than luxury accommodation, Sails in the Desert hotel is a destination of exploration and indulgence.

This 5-star hotel features an expansive gumtree lined swimming pool and a diversity of modern dining, bar and lounge options. Relax and feast in the brasserie-style Ilkari Restaurant or let time tick by as you enjoy cocktails, music and culinary temptations in the Walpa Lobby Bar.

Sails in the Desert’s stunning Mulgara Gallery takes you on an exploration through the unique styles and breathtaking stories of Indigenous art. Find each of your senses lulled into complete relaxation as you give in to one of the Red Ochre Spa’s treatments.


Start your morning with a once in a life time experience, watching the sunrise at Uluru. You will see the horizon change hue even before the first rays of sunlight break through; and as the sun reaches the horizon light shoots across the desert. Enjoy a boxed breakfast before driving the short distance to Uluru for a guided walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole. The tour showcases ancient Aboriginal rock art, desert flora and wildlife and the Indigenous history of this sacred site. Finally visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Culture Centre to learn about the Tjukurpa or Aboriginal law that still governs this culture before browsing for the ultimate souvenir – authentic Aboriginal artwork.

Make the most of a Sunrise Yoga Class

Situated poolside at the Sails Resort, practice a series of strong and powerful postures promoting physical strength and flexibility whilst enjoying a magical sunrise over Uluru.

Sounds of Silence Dinner

Sounds of Silence offers the best of the Red Centre distilled into four magical hours. An evening of dining under the sparkling outback sky. Your Sounds of Silence experience begins with canapes and chilled refreshments served on a viewing platform overlooking the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. As the sun sets and darkness falls, listen to the sound of a didgeridoo and join your table of fellow travellers for an unforgettable dining experience.

As the night sky twinkles to life, help yourself to a bush tucker inspired buffet that incorporates native bush ingredients. Settle back and listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky, locate the Southern Cross, the signs of the zodiac, the Milky Way, as well as planets and galaxies that are visible due to the exceptional clarity of the atmosphere.

Field of Light

Entirely powered by solar energy, the dazzling Field of Light is an art installation by Bruce Munro, who has a true passion for light. “The idea for the Field of Light came to me in 1992 during a trip through the Red Centre, which seemed to radiate both energy and ideas along with the heat. I wanted to bring the Field of Light back to Uluru, ever since the idea first popped into my head”.

The scale is unprecedented! Imagine it, a quarter of a million stems, blooming with LED light, set in a circular format adjacent to the great Uluru. The inspiration is the land itself, a personal symbol for the good things in life.

The sculpture slowly changes colour, creating a shimmering field of light.[1]

To Munro, the red desert had an incredible feeling of energy, ideas seemed to radiate from it along with the heat. “There was a charge in the air that gave me a very immediate feeling which I didn’t fully understand, the artist said, “It was a moment when I felt at one with the world[2]….I recorded thoughts of creating a sculpture on a landscape scale, incongruous in size and location, and experienced by the transient visitors…I saw in my mind a landscape of illuminated stems that, like dormant seeds in a dry desert, quietly wait until darkness falls, under a blazing blanket of southern stars, to bloom with gentle rhythms of light.”




  • All Australian and New Zealand Wellness Advocates (WA) are able to participate.
  • Wellness Advocates must maintain a minimum Loyalty Rewards Program order of 100 PV each month during the Qualification Period or beginning the month following enrolment if they enrol after 1 June 2017.
  • 80% of new sign up enrollees must be Australian or New Zealand Wellness Advocates.
  • Wellness Advocates must ensure their account remains in good standing during the qualification period.


  1. Points are earned by enrolling and retaining new Wellness Advocates through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). You (the Enroller) will earn points for each enrolment you complete based on the initial enrolment order with a minimum of $100 PV.

    100 – 249 PV* 2
    250 – 499 PV* 3
    500 PV+* 4

    * includes all volume from the same month, excluding LRP orders.

  2. Additional points will be awarded to you (the Enroller) when the Enrollee creates and receives a 100+ PV LRP order in month 2 and 3 following their signup.

    2 2
    3 2
  • A maximum of 8 points are possible for each new enrollee based on their first three months of activity
  • Points will be awarded to the current enroller, including LRP points. Transferring enroller to another individual will result in losing the points that had been awarded for that Wellness Advocate.
  • If a new enrollee returns the products or terminates prior to the end of the qualification period the points for that enrollee will be lost.
Prize Minimum Points Number of Winners Details of Prize
Grand 250 1 100% Tour Fee for two persons
Luxury Suite
Return airfare for two people
1000 product points
First 220 2 100% Tour Fee for two persons
Deluxe View Room if available
Return airfare for two people
750 product points
Second 190 4 100% Tour Fee for two persons
Deluxe View Room if available
Airfare up to $1,000 AUD
500 product points
Third 160 20 100% Tour Fee for one person
Standard Room Twin Share
Airfare up to $500 AUD
350 product points
Level 1 120 Unlimited 100% Tour Fee for one person
Standard Room Twin Share
Airfare up to $300 AUD
250 product points
Level 2 100 Unlimited 80% Tour Fee for one person
Standard Room Twin Share
200 product points
Level 3 80 Unlimited 50% Tour Fee for one person
Standard Room Twin Share
100 product points
  • Winners can only win one prize level
  • Winners are determined by the points achieved. Participants may achieve the minimum number of points but not achieve a prize depending on the number of participants on a higher level of points.
  • Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. This trip can only be redeemed on the dates as set out by dōTERRA Australia.
  • Winners must register and book flights through our designated Travel Agent/Management Company. Bookings for accommodation arranged alternatively will not be considered part of the incentive trip and you will not be able to participate in dōTERRA group activities.
  • Included flights are from your nearest capital city.
  • Prizes that include airfares for two persons, such flights must depart from and return to the same destination
  • Accommodation is provided on a twin share basis and your sharing partner is at the discretion of dōTERRA Australia.
  • Single accommodation can be purchased at an additional cost subject to availability.
  • Participants travelling with a child/children or infant will be required to pay for an upgrade to single accommodation. You are not able to have a twin share room.
  • Winners must provide their own spending money and are responsible for paying for their own meals and activities when not provided by dōTERRA Australia.
  • Winners must provide their own travel insurance.
  • dōTERRA Australia reserves the right to change or alter the criteria at any time.
  • dōTERRA Australia reserves the right to disallow any contestant that manipulates the rules.
  • Winners are responsible for any necessary medical, hospital, dental and repatriation expenses incurred.
  • Any necessary additional accommodation, meal and travelling expenses incurred after departure in the event that you are required to return to your home in Australia/New Zealand or extend stay due to hospitalisation or any other reason.
  • Product Points will be awarded after the trip (by the end of the month of February 2018).
  • In the event that a Prize Winner is unable to attend the trip, we will award them half of the product points, however they will forfeit all other parts of the prizes.


  • Partners and children can join at an extra cost. Further details will be provided.
  • Anyone can buy in if there are available spots.
  • The contribution to buy in and attend details will be provided soon.
  • A detailed itinerary will be available soon.
*Showing those in qualification who have achieved 33 points or more.
Standing Name Country Enrollees Points
1Ling & Fry, Joanne & Tracey AUS 146557
2Nicholls, Alice AUS 132421
3Jackson, Rebecca AUS 186411
4Graham, Sarah-Jade AUS 106348
5Nat B Enterprises Pty Ltd AUS 120328
6Dawson, Leonie AUS 218311
7Bowie, Lailah AUS 75308
8Melissa Ambrosini & Nick Broadhurst AUS 174270
9Milleg, Helga AUS 251257
10Cloake, Simone AUS 118251
11Barralet, Adam AUS 60242
12Deeks, Claire NZLL 49228
13Crawford, Amy AUS 64218
14Serras, Peta AUS 57212
15Musgrave, Joanne AUS 97211
16Hageman, Carlie AUS 66208
17Nakoi, Bethany AUS 54206
18Winneke, Lisa AUS 60205
19Bruce, Debbie AUS 65197
20Living with Essential Oils AUS 90187
21Fahey, Carla AUS 68186
22Paine, Claire AUS 51185
23Wilson, Felicity AUS 47184
24Ojwang, Jacinta AUS 68181
25Ryan, Katrina AUS 39180
26Gee & Tee Pty Ltd AUS 50178
27Hughes, Su AUS 51176
28Waters, Danyel AUS 43165
29Stringer, Shane and Paquita AUS 43162
30Zaza, Ana AUS 84158
31Lawler, Emma AUS 57157
32Somerville, Ashlee AUS 54156
33Kelly, Louise AUS 59155
34Montgomerie, Lain AUS 46153
35Lienert, Gabriela AUS 45144
36Misener, Dani AUS 32144
37Matsen, Michelle AUS 29143
38Bird, Brooke AUS 29143
39Page, Renee NZLL 42140
40Constable, Caren NZLL 42135
41Smith, Rebecca AUS 45135
42Luciano, Yvette AUS 34131
43Sweeney, Bec AUS 34130
44Tanner, Abby AUS 31130
45Falconer, Lauren AUS 41128
46Linton, Amy AUS 39128
47Callaghan, Kate NZLL 40126
48Green, Laura AUS 36126
49Price, Shelley NZLL 35125
50Wiles, Joanne AUS 48123
51House, Jodie AUS 33123
52Southern, Jessica AUS 49122
53Gottschling, Juene AUS 26121
54Crosby, Huia NZLL 48120
55Edlin, Julie NZLL 38120
56Miller, Lynda AUS 30119
57Rogers, Ross John AUS 39116
58Veares, Leia AUS 35116
59Innes, Amy AUS 34116
60Walters, Marilyn AUS 45115
61Mulliett, Michele AUS 38115
62Patterson, Renee NZLL 30115
63Frazer, Kayla AUS 26114
64Garcia Holistic Wellness LLCUSA53113
65Speers, Isabel AUS 49113
66Verburgt, Sarah AUS 45113
67Riordan, Amanda AUS 35112
68Fisher, Sharon AUS 26112
69Aherne, Renae AUS 47111
70Matthews, Josie AUS 29110
71Bell, Sharon AUS 40109
72Coulthard, Tracey NZLL 26109
73Falco Enterprise Pty Ltd AUS 39108
74Cooper, Rebecca AUS 36108
75Campion, Sinead AUS 26107
76Kaitinis, Stacey AUS 31107
77Tsaccounis, Shunanda AUS 40107
78Meissner, Sherri AUS 29106
79Travierso, Kendall AUS 41106
80Francis, Amy AUS 35106
81Active Axons Education P/C AUS 38105
82Worrall, Jo NZLL 44105
83snudden, nicole AUS 21105
84Stathopoulos, Tegan AUS 33105
85Cass, Celia AUS 23105
86Piffero, Narelle AUS 34105
87McCrystal, Natasha AUS 37104
88Schleinzer, Eloise AUS 32104
89Marlow, Stacey AUS 28103
90O’Neill, Jodie NZLL 26102
91Milligan, Sarah AUS 38102
92Hicks, Kirsty AUS 30102
93Hodder, Tania AUS 75101
94Trengove, Kylie AUS 21101
95Cherie-Ann Birks AUS 32101
96Murphy, Bianca AUS 22101
97Clark, Annie T AUS 28100
98Lane, Judith AUS 27100
99Bartlett, Jayne AUS 34100
100Cameron, Melissa NZLL 23100
101Follows, Sam AUS 3198
102Shantistar AUS 2897
103Kruger, Nicky AUS 3097
104Collins, Wendy AUS 2397
105Burns, Craig AUS 4197
106Wall, Karen AUS 2496
107Australia AUS 4595
108Blott, Erin AUS 2195
109Stevenson, Hayley AUS 1895
110O’Connor, Richelle AUS 2494
111Swanston, Margaret AUS 2394
112Clark, Natalie AUS 1794
113Fairbairn, Jenna AUS 3293
114Leong, Stephanie AUS 4493
115Davidson, Susan AUS 2793
116Warner, Jessica AUS 2892
117Pettit, Renee AUS 2992
118Bastian, Peta AUS 2191
119Whale, Diane AUS 2891
120Knott, Kylie AUS 2590
121Debbie Race AUS 2690
122Woods, Kayla AUS 3490
123Albany, Office Products Depot AUS 2090
124Liker, Kate AUS 1889
125Williams, Hayley AUS 2789
126Young, Amy AUS 2789
127Springer, Katrina AUS 4889
128Nankervis, Julie AUS 2089
129Thompson, Melissa AUS 2289
130Wiggins, Lauren AUS 2488
131Sennett, Donna AUS 2588
132Chisholm, Kate AUS 2888
133Duke, Helen M AUS 3187
134Bell, Jess AUS 2487
135Brown, Amanda AUS 2587
136Goodman, Samantha AUS 2787
137Mayers, Natalie AUS 1986
138Gorman, Diane AUS 2186
139Poppy, Sarah AUS 3585
140Finn, Melanie AUS 2685
141Poggioli, Katie AUS 3184
142Blakely, Michelle NZLL 2684
143Andrews, Valerie AUS 3084
144Tezla, Amy Jane AUS 2384
145Savage, Ondine AUS 3084
146Bailey, Carley AUS 2284
147Oblescuk, Maria AUS 2584
148Haddad, Philomena AUS 2783
149Newlands, Fiona (Feebee) NZLL 2683
150Weir, Narelle AUS 3583
151Morgan, Tania AUS 3983
152McDermott, Margaret NZLL 2383
153McNeil, Ellen AUS 3383
154Abbott, Sinead AUS 2383
155White, Jess AUS 2583
156Chin, Pearly AUS 1983
157Chuan, Beatrice AUS 2283
158Maynard, Andrea AUS 1983
159Donovan, Jennifer AUS 2382
160Pitman, Keyna AUS 3582
161Lowe, Katherine AUS 2982
162Hauraki, Mahu AUS 2282
163Joyce, Raelene AUS 1982
164Simmonds, Genevieve AUS 2182
165Vazanellis, Irena AUS 3681
166Garrett, Kelly AUS 4981
167Van Der Steege, Kathryn AUS 3181
168Wakely, Kellie AUS 1981
169Bray, Sue AUS 2381
170Stanhope, Terrie AUS 2281
171Close, Nyreeda AUS 2280
172Grandidge, Carly AUS 2080
173Emma-Jane Lush AUS 2880
174McGarry, Bethany AUS 2180
175D’Arcy, Tess AUS 2180
176Kenny, Debbie AUS 2980
177Hadkins, Rachael AUS 2380
178Donaldson, Marissa AUS 1879
179Knott, Michelle AUS 3179
180Graham, Mary AUS 3179
181Smith, Tracey AUS 2178
182Johnstone, Kristina AUS 2178
183Knox, Kitty AUS 2778
184watson, staci AUS 2378
185Veech, Tia AUS 1878
186Adriano, Danilo Cruz AUS 1978
187Strong, Dianne AUS 1877
188Riley, Bethany AUS 2477
189Davis, Gina AUS 2077
190Mitrani, Renee AUS 3377
191Johnson Hill, Anna AUS 2177
193Coonan, Naomi AUS 2276
194Nuttall, Kim AUS 2676
195Kingman, Renee AUS 1876
196Sammut, Rachelle AUS 1876
197Chase, Sarah NZLL 2475
198Revital Health AUS 2075
199Pauro, Holly AUS 2075
200Russell-Reihana, Jeanna NZLL 3175
201Dimarco, Casey AUS 3275
202Covino, Melissa AUS 2775
203Stokes, Julie AUS 1675
204Stewart, Crystal NZLL 3074
205Philips, Belinda AUS 1874
206Morse, Manti AUS 1974
207Moreland, Ashleigh AUS 1574
208Urzua Herrera, Maria Jose NZLL 2274
209Parks, Clare AUS 1974
210Nessler, Dr. Martha NZLL 2173
212Gould, Tennielle AUS 1773
213Dore, Isobel AUS 1773
214Lawson, Hayley AUS 2373
215Clarke, Amanda AUS 1573
216Wrigley, Rachel AUS 2973
217Gatt, Michelle AUS 1573
218Theodoratos, Katie AUS 1773
219Manz, Amy AUS 1573
220Condon, Rachael AUS 2573
221Smith, Kylee AUS 2373
222Munro, Berit AUS 2472
223Ewart, Darnie AUS 1572
224Hughes, Melissa AUS 1872
225Stepanavicius, Ramute AUS 2172
226Powles-Gullick, Andrea AUS 2572
227McPherson, Michelle AUS 2072
228Kong, Nyssa AUS 1571
229Hunter, Louise AUS 2471
230Sparke, Katrina AUS 2771
231Weir, Deral AUS 3271
232Drury, Kara AUS 2571
233Campbell, Samantha AUS 1871
234Detlaff, Leanne AUS 2471
235Redenbach, Sharni AUS 2171
236Olsen, Rochelle AUS 1470
237Wilson, Bec AUS 2470
238Prassinas, Rebecca AUS 2170
239Dixon, Kate AUS 2470
240Moke, Leighton AUS 2670
241Azzopardi, Hollie AUS 2570
242Barnes, Julia NZLL 2169
243Apostolou, Carolyn AUS 2169
244Anderson, Colleen AUS 2069
245SS Pilates & Massage AUS 3169
246Monod-De-Froideville, Lisa AUS 2269
247Zadkiel, Geraldine AUS 3369
248Watkins, Tahlia AUS 1669
249Khoo, Adele AUS 1969
250Sinclair, Ashleigh NZLL 2569
251Reimers, Jessie AUS 2468
252Waetford, Jesse M NZLL 2568
253Walther, Krystalie AUS 1868
254Morgan, Samantha AUS 2168
255Raglus, Maree AUS 1768
256Filo, Kathleen NZLL 2468
257Haldane, Gillian AUS 1768
258Croser, Vee AUS 1868
259Tilley, Fiona AUS 2268
260Wilson, Kirsty AUS 2768
261Pfeiffer, Bianca AUS 2567
262Main, Karen AUS 2067
263Jonsson, Karoline NZLL 2667
264Dos Santos, Vanessa AUS 1867
265Foale, Christine AUS 2267
266Fleming, Rebecca AUS 1667
267Reidy, Karenna AUS 1966
268Pure Oils Natural Health AUS 1766
269Rees, Helen AUS 2366
270Landry, Amy AUS 2266
271Shinnick, Aphrodite AUS 1766
272Whitehorn, Danielle AUS 1966
273Hobbs, Tracy AUS 3066
274Penei, Jaime NZLL 2766
275Flourish Essential Wellness AUS 1666
276Thomas, Nicole AUS 2066
277de Martin, Kelly AUS 2766
278Carbis, Allison AUS 2266
279Eleninovski, Suzi AUS 1866
280Bidgood, Anna AUS 2065
281Momircevski, Olivera AUS 2165
282Pamenter, Tallon AUS 2265
283Ilczyszyn, Kasia AUS 2165
284Wiseman, Carolyn AUS 2364
285Bazzano, Natayla AUS 1764
286Smith, Sarah AUS 1864
287Storrie, Merran AUS 1964
288Hudson, Cheryl AUS 2064
289Carrigan, Nardia AUS 2264
290Stanbury, Melanie AUS 1564
291Fishlock, Gemma AUS 1564
292Shave, Megan AUS 1664
293Cox, Bennise AUS 2464
294Foale, Clare AUS 2764
295Lam, Mei Kee AUS 1464
296Skead, Brian AUS 2063
297Bateman, Annabel AUS 2563
298Dibben, Kerri AUS 2263
299Zimmerlie, Kimberley AUS 1563
300Walsh, Sandie AUS 2063
301Andronicus, Christy AUS 1563
302Earth Spirit Pathways AUS 1662
303Harper, Kerryanne AUS 1762
304Matthews, Deanne AUS 2662
305Funke, Selena AUS 1862
306Smith, Anna NZLL 2262
307Atkins, Tara AUS 2862
308Woodward, Kendall AUS 2662
309Wilks, Leah AUS 1662
310Boson, Danielle AUS 2462
311Johnson, Rachel AUS 1362
312Pure Health Success AUS 1161
313Isles, Jackie AUS 1661
314O’Sullivan, Meg AUS 1861
315Lane, Susan AUS 2161
316Cusack, Carrie AUS 1861
317Christie, Monica AUS 1961
318Roberts, Melanie AUS 1360
319Reid, Kimberley AUS 1760
320Stoffels, Kim AUS 1260
321paans, vivian AUS 1760
322Homer, Aimee Angelique AUS 1860
323Furfaro, Deborah AUS 2360
324Spalding, Danielle AUS 1660
325Jones, Kirsten NZLL 1760
326Connolly, Amber AUS 2660
327Martin, Amy NZLL 1860
328Douglas, Casey AUS 1760
329Rise with Jacqueline AUS 2460
330Muilwyk, Carlene AUS 2260
331Barlow, Rebekah L AUS 1259
332Pratchett, Lily AUS 1959
333Copley, Bernadette AUS 2359
334Wheatley, Jemma AUS 1559
335Gratton, Alice AUS 1559
336Wichman, Opi AUS 1659
337Stirling, Kate NZLL 1959
338Andrews, Evan AUS 1358
339Warren, Kelly AUS 2058
340Smith, Lynie AUS 1558
341Wilson, Tracey AUS 2058
342Hensley, Kelly AUS 2258
343Turner, Carolyn AUS 2458
344Hicks, Carly AUS 1258
345Appleby, Kisane AUS 1457
346Marsden, Frances AUS 1757
347Lofberg, Tracy AUS 1657
348Schumer, Kerrie AUS 1457
349Reid, Olivia NZLL 2557
350Godwin, Jessica AUS 1657
351Anna’s Essentials AUS 2157
352Stokes, Anne NZLL 1557
353Cook, Erin AUS 2757
355Usher, Tegan AUS 1957
356De Bono, Sarah AUS 1357
357Cormack, Rebecca AUS 1657
358Barrett, Kris AUS 2156
359Power Natural Therapies AUS 2056
360Briggs, Nicole AUS 1856
361Belle-Larant, Nathalie AUS 1556
362McKendrick, Diane AUS 1456
363Veronesi, Lisa AUS 2456
364Whiteside, Kellie AUS 1556
365James, Nerida AUS 1256
366Tynan, Sarah AUS 2156
367Grosser, Hayley AUS 2156
368Centra, Lisa AUS 2956
369Dunn, Rebecca AUS 2456
370Merrett, Suzanne AUS 1956
371Churcher, Melissa AUS 2556
372Eagles, Sandy AUS 1156
373McNeill, Jacq NZLL 2656
374Bell, Sarah AUS 1555
375Ngawaka, Candis H NZLL 1555
376Varga, Tracey AUS 1955
377Barton, Jenniffer AUS 1655
378Rizovski, Sashe AUS 2355
379Sleep, Jannah AUS 1455
380Russell-Thorpe, Kama AUS 1555
381Cameron, Sharelle AUS 1555
382Taylor, Chloe AUS 1655
383Saunders, Sarah AUS 1255
384Eliasen, Holly AUS 1755
385Wotton, Naomee AUS 1855
386Follington, Melissa AUS 1155
387Hardy, Sharon AUS 2055
388Padfield, Kyla AUS 1955
389Hermansen, Rita AUS 1155
390Tautau, Donna AUS 1055
391O’Connell, Kellie AUS 1955
392Kenny-Sumiga, Rebecca AUS 1355
393Revell, Angela AUS 1754
394Douglas, Lynette NZLL 2554
395Lawson, Candi AUS 1154
396Gellie, Kelly AUS 1654
397Godfrey, Pauline AUS 1154
398Piggott, Jasmin AUS 2054
399O’Connor, Charlotte AUS 1454
400Mikulski, Suzannah AUS 1754
401Youngman, Linda AUS 2254
402Wood, Toni AUS 2154
403Peters, Monique AUS 1954
404Stead, Jaclyn AUS 2254
405Gray, Angela AUS 1554
406Mitchell, Jessica AUS 2054
407O’Donnell, Janelle AUS 2054
408Giddings, Daniel AUS 1354
409Skipper Collins, Michelle Anne AUS 1554
410Schipper, Jenna AUS 1854
411Hall, Kylie AUS 1154
412Gash, Geri AUS 2254
413Masi, Emilie AUS 2354
414Humphries, Margherita AUS 2053
415Allen, Clancy AUS 2053
416Goldsmith, Fay AUS 2153
417Baker, Tiffany AUS 1853
418Jackson, Denise AUS 1353
419Wilkes, Melissa AUS 2153
420Kelly, Cindy AUS 1753
421Ata, Toni AUS 1353
422Skinner, D’arne AUS 1253
423Mitchell, Jenny AUS 1253
424Williams, Jessica Lee AUS 2253
425Woods, Bridget AUS 1953
426Galbraith, Kimaren AUS 1953
427Clarke, Kylie AUS 1853
428Eldredge, Carly AUS 1953
429Hills, Lisa AUS 1753
430Maione, Jane AUS 1753
431Birch, Aleesha AUS 1252
432Lourey, Frances AUS 1452
433Wenner, Elisha AUS 1352
434Corrigan, Monique AUS 2552
435Wilson, Kirstin AUS 1252
436Steel, Angie AUS 1352
437Ross, Diana AUS 1752
438McDonald, Clair AUS 1552
439Brown, Kim AUS 1252
440Hughes, Rebecca AUS 1852
441Macdonald, Keryn AUS 1152
442Bucich, Kylie AUS 2052
443McKenzie, Kerry AUS 1752
444Dwyer, Kristen AUS 2252
445Ford, Jill AUS 1752
446Kimmorley, Leigha AUS 1752
447Elbelli, Alecia AUS 1552
448Chapman, Jessica AUS 1452
449Turner, Rachel AUS 952
450Sellars, Erin & Bradley AUS 1851
451Mardon, Natalie AUS 1151
452Bird, Briony AUS 1151
453Hamilton, Rebecca AUS 1751
454Turner, Leeanne AUS 1751
455Grimshaw, Fe NZLL 1451
456Braund, Zoe AUS 2151
457Jenkinson, Briony AUS 1651
458Sanderson, Natalie AUS 1351
459McGuire, Orla AUS 1451
460Chapeyama, Teresa AUS 1551
461Eaton, Robyn AUS 2051
462Beggs, Melissa AUS 2151
463Waitoa, Paewai AUS 1151
464Anderson, Kerry AUS 1851
465Doyle, Laurice AUS 1251
466McCormack, Tiffany AUS 1751
467Teycheney, Annique AUS 2151
468Caminiti, Ashlee AUS 1751
469Blaikie, Manaia NZLL 1851
470Murray, Tina AUS 1551
471Ebel-Brown, Samantha C NZLL 1750
472Drennan, Vicki M AUS 1250
473Browne, Vanessa NZLL 1550
474Giampa, Maya AUS 2050
475Peel, Joanne AUS 1850
476Goldhahn, Sabrina AUS 2050
477Myers, Rebecca AUS 1750
478Lush, Rachel AUS 1950
479Truscott, Inga AUS 2150
480Brimble, Kathleen AUS 1250
481Moran, Gillian AUS 1850
482Mulloy, Kristy AUS 1350
483Mlinaric, Rosemary AUS 2550
484Hartnett, Amber AUS 1650
485El Souki, Ahida AUS 1750
486Brett, Kerrie AUS 1550
487Collins, Mache AUS 1650
488Piasente, Kate AUS 1650
489Dunham, Victoria AUS 1349
490Nerney, Rosemary AUS 1349
491Flowers, Belle AUS 2449
492West, Tattum AUS 1149
493Nourished & Nurtured AUS 1049
494Griffiths, Daniela AUS 1249
495Kraynik, Kirsty AUS 1249
496Shiel, Leonie AUS 1249
497Hatzidakis, Eleni AUS 1149
498Bailey, Breeana AUS 1349
499Kain, Bonnie AUS 1549
500Schaeffer, Jennifer AUS 1749
501Noa, Megan AUS 2549
502Warner, Aimee AUS 2449
503Clark, Narelle AUS 2149
504Breust, Angela AUS 1349
505Smith, Casandra AUS 1549
506Poulton, Leesa AUS 1049
507Avichzer, Michelle AUS 1848
508Sanderson, Natalie AUS 1148
509Arfuso, Kelly AUS 1648
510Cox, Carrie AUS 1848
511Jensen, Julianne AUS 1448
512Moir, Vanessa Jayne AUS 1748
513Gitsham, Kinta AUS 1248
514Harmon, Sarah AUS 1548
515Lennon, Megan AUS 1948
516Cottrill, Ian AUS 1248
517Oily Goodness for the Temple AUS 1548
518Pallagi, Tamara AUS 1948
519Collier, Lauren AUS 1948
520Appleby, Yasmin AUS 2348
521Petty, Kirsty AUS 2448
522Cotter, Helen M AUS 1747
523Campbell, Liz AUS 1847
524Esler, Tahlia AUS 1547
525Morland, Leanne AUS 1547
526Baker, Catherine AUS 1347
527Bannister, Julie AUS 1147
528Hingston, Melissa AUS 1547
529Kaftan Mama AUS 1447
530Honeyfield, Violet NZLL 2047
531Aravidis, Leanne AUS 1547
532Kain, Kristy AUS 1547
533McGovern, Nicole AUS 2047
534Garnett, Di AUS 1447
535Connor, Kylie AUS 1447
536Khoo, Annie AUS 1347
537Sinclair, Vanessa AUS 1347
538Crowther, Marion AUS 1147
539Skelton, Cheryl NZLL 1947
540Elliott, Denise AUS 1647
541christou, george AUS 1246
542Brockman, Priscilla AUS 1946
543Walker, Andrea AUS 1746
544Cunningham-Lloyd, Karlie AUS 2346
545Crismale, Elisha AUS 2246
546Holzheimer, Cherilynn AUS 1246
547Willment, Rachel AUS 1146
548James, Heidi-Marie AUS 1346
549Allan, Nicole NZLL 2246
550Pauro, Kim NZLL 1746
551Warren, Melissa AUS 1546
552Counihan Nelson, Aisling AUS 2046
553de Rouw, Chris AUS 1646
554Courtney, Jess AUS 2146
555Wedding, Mikaela AUS 1646
556Wadsworth, Joanne AUS 1446
557Woodcock, Fiona AUS 3246
558Rashid, Brooke AUS 1846
559Dave, Marie C AUS 1746
560McCormick, Shayne AUS 2146
561Rowe, Jessica AUS 1846
562CHOO, Kwet Fong AUS 946
563Oppermann, Haylee AUS 1146
564Boyland, Corrie-Lyn AUS 1645
565Finlay, Sarah AUS 1345
566Holder, Tenina AUS 1945
567Gormley, Louisa AUS 1745
568Adam, Anastasia AUS 1845
569Tartaglia, Tamara AUS 1145
570Mason, Shelley AUS 2345
571McCorkell, Suzanne AUS 1245
572Aarsen, Shauna AUS 1445
573Doyle, Cassandra AUS 1345
574Galardi, Tina AUS 1745
575Long, Lisa AUS 1045
576Dawkins, Tarryn AUS 1745
577Daley, Carolyn AUS 1545
578Upton, Rachael AUS 1445
579Schahinger, Callie-Ann AUS 1545
580de Valence, Cat AUS 1745
581Sutherland, Brett AUS 1245
582Tabain, Catherine AUS 1145
583Cantarella, Nicole AUS 1345
584Howard, Nicole AUS 1445
585Welham, Vivienne AUS 1045
586Thackeray, Kyla AUS 1245
587Martin-Brown, Kelly AUS 1345
588Sartori, Claire AUS 1945
589Rabone, Katrina AUS 2745
590Ironside, Kirsty AUS 1645
591Burt, Tania AUS 1044
592Tripp, Lois AUS 1944
593Beat, Kate AUS 1644
594Forrest, Tracey AUS 1244
595York, Jodie AUS 1644
596The Vitality Space AUS 2044
597Richardson, Kerry AUS 944
598Osborne, Bethany AUS 1244
599Miles, Megan AUS 1244
600Finlay, Lynn AUS 2044
601Croft, Robin AUS 1044
602Hooper, Candice AUS 1844
603Oliver, Natalie AUS 944
604Greenland, Renee NZLL 2144
605Elisaia Hopa, Rachel NZLL 844
606Aspire Health Enterprises Pty Ltd AUS 1044
607Zander, Marianne AUS 1544
608Dyson, Renee AUS 744
609Mackay, Gillian NZLL 1144
610Faint, Karen AUS 1044
611Wilkin, Natasha AUS 1144
612Williams, Teressa AUS 1144
613D’Agostino, Dominic AUS 1044
614Armstrong, Francesca NZLL 1944
615Shaw, Helen AUS 1343
616de la Vega, Mariana L AUS 1643
618Carden, Rebecca AUS 1543
619Maden, Cilla AUS 1243
620Thoren, Kayleen AUS 1443
621Gray, Christine AUS 1143
622Chang, Aliti AUS 1443
623List, Jasmine AUS 1743
624Todman, Penny AUS 1743
625Davies, Kylie AUS 2043
626Robin, Lee AUS 2143
627Tahapehi, Judy AUS 1843
628Lethbridge, Louise AUS 1443
629Gray, Helen AUS 1843
630Wise, Diane AUS 1043
631Maher, Laura AUS 1643
632mcmahon, tracey AUS 2343
633Zapantis, Natalie AUS 1743
634McLennan, Tanika AUS 1343
635Finch, Dayanna AUS 1043
636Innes, Jacky AUS 1043
637Horsfield, Schamet NZLL 1343
638Oliver, Kelly AUS 1143
639Wright, Maxine AUS 1443
640Haselton, Jeanine AUS 1143
641Arruzza, Rose AUS 943
642Covele, Jessica AUS 1843
643Radburn, Lynne AUS 2043
644Kasteel, Sara AUS 1243
645Argent, Carolyn AUS 842
646Wilkinson, Sarah AUS 1242
647Clarke, Karen NZLL 1442
648Smith, Sharon NZLL 2142
649Santic, Kelly AUS 1342
650Fraser, Gretchen NZLL 1642
651Tansey, Dannyelle AUS 1842
652Frost, Roanna AUS 1642
653Pogson, Sue AUS 1242
654Forrest, Annie AUS 1942
655FAYI Pty Ltd. AUS 1142
656Nunn, Chloe AUS 1142
657Strachan, Sarah AUS 942
658Richens, Chelsea AUS 1342
659Boylan, Tina AUS 1942
660Washington, Patty AUS 942
661Watson, Henna AUS 1342
662Maguire, Tammy AUS 1042
663Rankin, Katrina AUS 1542
664Royal, Kerrie AUS 1142
665Melton, Angel-Clare AUS 2142
666Lawes, Claire AUS 942
667Clark, Alison AUS 1142
668Hutt, Sascha AUS 1842
669Davis, Jenna AUS 1442
670Mane, Sarah AUS 1042
671Doak, Ronda AUS 1842
672Ray, Lucy AUS 1142
673Freeman, Dee AUS 1142
674Jelley, Amy AUS 1242
675Murphy, Natalie AUS 1042
676Apap, Jade AUS 1342
677Boland, Kate AUS 1042
678Coluccio, Catherine NZLL 1142
679Robertson, Zoe AUS 1342
680Morrison, Jodie AUS 2042
681Buckley, Joanne AUS 1342
682Heyne, Amanda AUS 1642
683Cook, Jade-Maree AUS 1242
684Sutton, Katie AUS 942
685McGowan, Nadia NZLL 1442
686Clark, Capri AUS 1442
687Regan, Catherine NZLL 1042
688Fraser, Helen AUS 2242
689Theoharis, Angela AUS 1142
690Whiteley, Kelly AUS 1042
691Watene, Gail M NZLL 1541
692Smith, Dianne AUS 1541
693Dalakakis, Theodora AUS 1041
694Johnson, Melinda AUS 1041
695Cope, Kelly AUS 1841
696Stallard, Conor AUS 1341
697Madigan, Bethanie AUS 1041
698Edmondson, Nicole AUS 1041
699Sloan, Tania AUS 1141
700Cutler-Welsh, Natalie NZLL 2541
701King, Helen AUS 1141
702Jones, Sharon AUS 2341
703Holmes, Petra AUS 1541
704Dickinson, Karen AUS 1841
705Tsentidis, Natasha AUS 1441
706Best, Philippa AUS 1641
707Hayman, Gretchen AUS 2041
708Travers, Bronwyn AUS 1141
709Salvatore, Julie AUS 1341
710Weale, Kylee AUS 941
711Morris, Zoe AUS 941
712Linn, Vikki AUS 1241
713Abi-Hanna, Lauren AUS 2041
714Kalli, Blown Away Hair Spa AUS 1341
715Whittaker, Ashley AUS 1241
716Rongo, Bianca NZLL 841
717Phillips, Jennifer AUS 741
718Scents of Empowerment AUS 1040
719Dalla – Camina, Megan AUS 1040
720Williams, Amelia AUS 1640
721Pinga, Rebecca AUS 1340
722West, Jessica AUS 1440
723Richards, Ann AUS 840
724Fistr, Natasha AUS 840
725Rees, Emma AUS 940
726Hawtin, Kelly AUS 1240
727Glass, Melissa AUS 940
728Guitart, Daniela AUS 1140
729Rolfe, Sharon AUS 1440
730Lewis, Aleisha AUS 1140
731Tomlinson, Claire AUS 1040
732Hulland, Renae AUS 1140
733Dawson, Linda AUS 1540
734Gloster, Cassey AUS 840
735Quirke, Amanda AUS 1240
736raymond, donna AUS 1140
737Robson, Jess AUS 840
738Reilly, Candice AUS 940
739Worth, Kailah AUS 1440
740Walker, Ashleigh AUS 1140
741Duxbury, Jenna AUS 1240
742Mock, Elizabeth AUS 1340
743Crocker, Samantha AUS 1840
744Brown, Sarah AUS 1340
745Stephens, Lisa AUS 1440
746Perry, Jessica AUS 1440
747Juliartha, Sharon AUS 840
748Baxter, Kathleen AUS 1140
749Pretty, Tahlia AUS 1440
750Chandler, Kym AUS 1540
751foodalchemy foodalchemy AUS 1139
752Jackson, Robyn NZLL 1339
753Gordon, Johanna AUS 1939
754Devereaux, Hope AUS 1239
755Barrie, Jill AUS 1239
756Gavel, Toni AUS 1139
757Moore, Kerrie AUS 1739
758Kalleske, Amie AUS 1739
759Robertson, Katrina AUS 1039
760Chapman, Sarah AUS 1039
761Wedding, Cate AUS 1139
762Guyatt, Emma AUS 1339
763Smith, Lisa AUS 1439
764Howard, Deanne AUS 2239
765Jackson, Deidre AUS 839
766Pienaar, Arianna AUS 1339
767Lathbury, Kathryn AUS 739
768Kovac, Rebecca AUS 1339
769Ciano, Chelsea AUS 1539
770Lewis, Debra AUS 939
771Cairns, Melissa AUS 2039
772Jones, Dean AUS 1239
773Portelli, Connie AUS 1439
774Smith, Sophie AUS 1039
775Summerfield, Jasmyne AUS 1139
776Nolan, Kathryn AUS 1239
777Bertuch Haynes, Kylie AUS 1539
778Barrett, Tracey AUS 1239
779Bench, Nerida AUS 939
780Bell, Andrea AUS 1339
781Gotzmann, Jenni AUS 1439
782Mills, Melissa NZLL 2639
783McArthur, Claire NZLL 1439
784White, Samantha AUS 1339
785Christou, Terpsy AUS 838
786Buchanan, Fiona AUS 1438
787Baker, Victoria AUS 1038
788Elkington, Rebekkah NZLL 1538
789Johnson, Hayley AUS 2338
790kirkland, katrina AUS 1338
791Skewes, Sonia AUS 1738
792Huang, Sherry AUS 1038
793Taylor, Olivia AUS 1238
794Utterson, Lisa AUS 838
795Winfield, Sue AUS 1038
796Shackell, Suzie NZLL 1238
797Sparkes, Kaye AUS 1638
798Hilton-Clow, Chloe AUS 1238
799Sullivan, Emma AUS 1238
800Smith, Kasey AUS 1238
801Capel, Claudine AUS 1338
802Sharp, Katrina AUS 1538
803Cowley, Emily AUS 1138
804Beazley, Jessica AUS 1138
805Rex, Hanna AUS 1238
806Logan, Anne AUS 838
807Rogers, Winifred NZLL 1238
808Mott, Sandy AUS 838
809Batchelor, Brooke AUS 1038
810Halfpenny, Tracy AUS 2138
811Gray, Michele NZLL 1338
812Hall, Sarah AUS 1138
813Mullen, Jenni AUS 1338
814Norton, Courtney AUS 1638
815Wei-Wu-Wei Business Trust AUS 1037
816Taylor, Sharon AUS 1237
817Massey, Sarah AUS 1137
818Gay, Michelle AUS 1237
819Young, Domonique AUS 1237
820Sharp, Carolyn AUS 1237
821Inishiata, Sharna AUS 1037
822Shadbolt, Melissa AUS 1537
823Teng, Rebekah AUS 1037
824Luke, Rochelle AUS 1037
825Brady, Jodie AUS 1637
826Roach, Amy AUS 1537
827Moon, Michelle AUS 1037
828Montgomery, Melissa AUS 1537
829Sullivan, Nicole AUS 1137
830Lillejord, Mia Love NZLL 1137
831Finlayson, Melissa AUS 1237
832Gardiner, Celeste AUS 1037
833George, Juliette NZLL 1137
834Brooks Wilson, Laura NZLL 2337
835Mort, Bree AUS 1237
836Fanning, Chris AUS 737
837Albrecht, Rebecca AUS 1137
838Smit, Tracy AUS 1237
839Butt, Nikki AUS 1137
840Fitt, Michelle NZLL 1137
841Welsh, Candace AUS 1037
842Dunlop, Samantha AUS 937
843Mills, Bianca AUS 1937
844Crawford, Caroline AUS 837
845Dowling, Sarah AUS 1137
846Hall, Krista AUS 837
847Oakley, Debra AUS 1137
848Hewitt, Belinda AUS 1137
849Willson, Kasey AUS 2737
850Farrow, Carolyn AUS 1037
851McCormick, Erin AUS 1236
852Keates, Angy April AUS 1436
853Healthy Wellthy Trust AUS 1436
854Crocker, Leighanne AUS 1636
855Rolfe, Sarah AUS 1036
856Bolton, Roz AUS 736
857Tomasini, Kellie AUS 1336
858Steinmann, Desley AUS 736
859Hall, Monique AUS 1236
860Byrne, Anita AUS 936
861Mooney, Lauren AUS 1036
862Butler, Toneal AUS 936
863Austin, Christina AUS 1336
864Brown, Jodi AUS 836
865Barlow, Britt AUS 1236
866Ikigai Oils AUS 836
867Logan, Cindy AUS 1036
868Lowe, Terrina AUS 1436
869De Lorenzo, Casey AUS 936
870Darby, Rani AUS 1136
871Barry, Stephanie AUS 736
872Lewis, Cyrene AUS 1236
873Parker-Kent, Lara AUS 836
874Raj, Gail AUS 1036
875Harrison, Geneva NZLL 1136
876Burkhardt, Melita AUS 1136
877lang, Sarah AUS 1436
878Simpson, Kylie AUS 1036
879Whiley, Renee AUS 936
880Boshammer, Wendy AUS 1636
881Mercieca, Sarah AUS 1336
882Chen, Hung-Hui AUS 636
883Dansey, Jo AUS 1436
884Lawrence, Carissa AUS 736
885Hulse, Mandy-Jane AUS 1136
886Nash, James AUS 936
887Jenkins, Teri AUS 1236
888Jordanoska, Leila AUS 1336
889Madams, Harriet AUS 1336
890Armitagebrown, Emma AUS 736
891Haliti, Karen AUS 1436
892Macrae, Carol AUS 836
893Goodspeed, Ashley AUS 1436
894Wansbone, Jane AUS 936
895Rogers, Toni AUS 1036
896Ottrey, Danielle AUS 1436
897Hart, Susan AUS 1136
898Crowley, Jodie AUS 1235
899Bunker, Sam AUS 1035
900Bartolo, Alison AUS 935
901Walsh, Lisa AUS 1135
902Gieschen, Joanna AUS 1535
903Cook, Amanda AUS 2535
904Hodgson, Laura AUS 1135
905Brooker, Jason AUS 1535
906Pereira, Rachel AUS 1235
907Smith, Lauren AUS 1535
908Marshall, Shelley AUS 735
909Herrgott, Sandra AUS 1235
910Hall, Rhiannon AUS 1535
911Ince, Erin AUS 1535
912Maurer, Bernadette AUS 1135
913McKenzie, Samantha AUS 935
914Urquhart, Kristy AUS 835
915Cooney, Ashleigh AUS 1935
916Williamson, Aleesha AUS 735
917Barnes, Kylie AUS 835
918Wadham, Lisa AUS 1335
919Tomkins, Caroline AUS 735
920Lansdowne, Joanne AUS 1735
921Dobrilla, Jacqueline AUS 1935
922Sands, Naomi AUS 835
923Milroy, Jessica AUS 1235
924Pedemont, Erin AUS 1335
925Larissa Jager, WigglewormsChildcare AUS 1035
926Squires, Elisha AUS 1335
927Bourke, Deana AUS 935
928Alderson, Hayley AUS 835
929Blundell, Melinda AUS 935
930Torcasio, Dani AUS 835
931Chapman, Elke AUS 1435
932Courtney, Nicole AUS 1035
933Sliwa, Nicole AUS 1035
934Martin, Danielle AUS 1235
935Scalzi, Penny AUS 835
936Health Concepts AUS 735
937Williams, Narelle AUS 1135
938Nickless, Angela AUS 935
939Brinkley, Sandy AUS 835
940Maddick, Danielle AUS 935
941Gordon, Amanda AUS 1135
942Baker, Tracey AUS 1235
943Guerin, Lyn AUS 834
944Wright, Lisa AUS 1134
945Hutchinson, Querida AUS 934
946Cocksedge, Nicole AUS 1234
947Neist, Crystal AUS 1234
948Sissons, Sam AUS 1134
949Bhakti Events AUS 1234
950Stasse, Jean AUS 934
951Ebihara, Nana AUS 834
952O’Hora, Erin AUS 1034
953Williams, Sarah AUS 1134
954Cousin, Joelene AUS 934
955Mollica, Luke AUS 1234
956Weaver, Donna AUS 834
957Watters, Naomi AUS 1034
958Farnham, Christine AUS 934
959Pilgrim, Brittany AUS 934
960Scott, Dianne AUS 1134
961McDermaid, Annaleigh AUS 934
962Colgan, Clare AUS 1434
963Fullam, Christine AUS 1134
964Vaha’akolo, Jess NZLL 1034
965Ward, Karen AUS 934
966Murray, Mel AUS 834
967Chiofalo, Clare AUS 1134
968Le Prou, Ingrid NZLL 1634
969Lasisz, Melanie AUS 1834
970Clark, Sheree AUS 1034
971Broadfoot, Kylie AUS 1034
972Sims, Nicole AUS 1134
973Fozzard, Nikki AUS 734
974Clarke-Teika, Natasha AUS 834
975Fischer, Kayla AUS 934
976Colley, Teigan AUS 1234
977Carrigan, Marita AUS 834
978Leisemann, Zoe AUS 834
979Stephens, Candice AUS 1134
980Young, Linda AUS 1034
981Potaka, Deborah AUS 1234
982Harris, Jen AUS 834
983Shatford, Suze AUS 834
984Dunstan, Vivian AUS 2234
985Tulk, Leisa NZLL 1234
986Margetts, Kylie AUS 734
987Barrett, Michelle AUS 934
988Mugavin, Kat AUS 1734
989Hager, Kate AUS 1334
990Hughes, Andrea AUS 1534
991Sole, Maria AUS 1233
992Dux, Sue AUS 933
993Proud, Rachel AUS 2033
994Albert, Marita AUS 933
995Defrenne, Cloudia AUS 733
996Mills, Robyn AUS 1033
997Whiting, Ashley AUS 1233
998Allan, Darien AUS 1333
999Goodwin, Alicia AUS 1933
1000Vickery, Vanessa AUS 933
1001Matthews, Elizabeth AUS 933
1002Daubney, Natasha AUS 833
1003Healy, Kirra AUS 833
1004Chassiotis, Lexi AUS 1033
1005Matthews, Jasmine NZLL 1333
1006Hartley, Emma AUS 1433
1007Katz, Jenni AUS 933
1008MacGibbon, Georgia AUS 933
1009Rogers, Chris AUS 1333
1010Ashford, Ellena AUS 1533
1011Vaccaro, Cathy AUS 1333
1012Trent, Jaclyn AUS 1533
1013Bertossi, Carmen AUS 1133
1014Bannister, Melissa AUS 833
1015Todd, Rachael AUS 1033
1016Maniskas, Dannika AUS 1333
1017Gale, Chelsea AUS 1033
1018Woodward, Tracy NZLL 833
1019Dunn, Kerrie AUS 833
1020Barber, Elle AUS 1033
1021Young, Lesley AUS 833
1022Sykes, Michelle NZLL 1533
1023Johnston, Camilla AUS 933
1024Smallbon, Erin AUS 1533
1025Shillito, Rachel AUS 633
1026Wills, Jacqueline AUS 1133
1027Turner, Trudie AUS 1833
1028Kennedy, Anita AUS 1033
1029Harden, Danielle AUS 1533
1030Espenlaub, Nicole AUS 1233
1031Neil, Shannon AUS 1133
1032Atkins, Rebekah AUS 1333
1033Watson, Donna AUS 933
1034Jones, Tania AUS 1033
1035Gibson, Ellen AUS 1533
1036Cochineas, Leah AUS 1133
1037Parsons, Lauren AUS 833
1038Elms, Kylie AUS 1133
1039Zhang, Qianhui AUS 633
1040Hamilton, Adele AUS 933
1041Bairstow, Janet AUS 733
1042Re Evolve Remedial AUS 1033
1043Forssman, Sarah AUS 1433
1044Guy, Paula AUS 933
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