Compensation: Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)


Fast Start – an Enroller based bonus.

Overview: A Fast Start Bonus is paid weekly to Enrollers for all Commissionable Orders placed in the first sixty (60) days by a new Wellness Advocate (WA)
 on the new WA’s account.  The bonus is paid to the new WA’s first, second, and third level Enrollers. The first level Enroller receives twenty (20%)
 percent, the second level Enroller receives ten (10%) percent, and the third level Enroller receives five (5%) percent. See Figure to the right. To qualify for the Fast Start Bonus each Enroller must:
  1. Have a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) template set to purchase at least 100 PV for the month, and 
  2. Purchase a Qualified LRP Order. 
Unearned bonuses do not roll up to any other Enroller. The previous week’s commission (Monday through Sunday) is calculated and determined on Thursday of each week. No Uni-level Bonus is paid on these orders.