Diamond Club 2017


The Diamond Club is a program design to strengthen dōTERRA Wellness Advocates leadership. Through Diamond Club – Wellness Advocates have an opportunity to learn leadership skills and practices that will strengthen and ignite their business by engaging in proven activities and proper behaviours that generate new business and momentum by engaging in practices that lead to success. Diamond Club is an organised and rigorous effort. It teaches proper behaviours and leadership skills, as well as communication and sales skills. It is so much more than a travel reimbursement program or a program to increase a Wellness Advocates rank.  

“Diamond Club has the potential to completely transform you, your team, and your business in a way that nothing else can. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.”

-Emily Wright Exec. VP of Leadership Development


Diamond Club Purpose

Diamond Club is an opportunity for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to ignite their business by generating new business
and momentum through events. The purpose of Diamond Club is to help Wellness Advocates reach the rank of Diamond
by establishing new leaders and sales teams outside their local area while continuing support and build their
existing home team. We recognise that many Wellness Advocates have a desire to build their dōTERRA business,
but do not have the resources necessary to hold events and provide support in areas away from their local area.
Diamond Club offers a travel reimbursement program and special enrolment incentives to provide these resources
necessary to develop new leadership terms outside their local influence.


DC Timeline

Qualification Month – December 2016 Preparation Month – January 2016 Travel Months (Diamond Club season) – February 2017 to May 2017   Qualification Month We want all Diamond Club participants to be set up for success. There are a few key benchmarks that we have found help us determine if someone has the team in place to be successful. We also want to make sure that each Diamond Club participant is comfortable enrolling people, since this is a significant requirement during the program. See the Qualifications tab for more details on how to qualify for Diamond Club 2017.   Preparation Month: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin In order to have successful events in Diamond Club, you will need to be working with your leaders in your home and away area prior to the day of the event. Planning, inviting, and following up are the keystones to getting people to your events and meeting the enrolment requirements. Here some activities to keep in mind during the preparation month:

  • Prepare and plan your events month-by-month. (set the dates of your tips and then work with your leaders
    to fill your schedule during those days)
  • Map out your travel plans and purchase airline tickets.
  • Prepare your teams for scheduled events in their area.
  • Prepare your household – set up child care, get your family on board.
  • Review the information on the DC site, in order to understand the requirements that need to be met for
    a successful season.

Diamond Club Qualifications

Because we want to ensure that all Diamond Club participants
are successful the following requirements must be met in order to qualify to participate in Diamond Club:

  • Qualify as Premier or higher in December 2016
  • Personally enrol three new Wellness Advocates during the month of December 2016 (must enrol with at least
    100 PV).
  • Have at least one Diamond Club sponsor (they will pay 50% of ones travel reimbursements), a maximum of
    3 DC sponsors is allowed.
  • 10* Wellness Advocates within your organisation must process a 100PV LRP order in December 2016. These
    10 Wellness Advocates must be within the Diamond Club member’s own organisation and cannot be used
    by other members of their team to qualify themselves to participate in Diamond Club.

    • 5 Wellness Advocates in your local area (within 100 kilometers of one’s home)
    • 5 Wellness Advocates in ONE of your Diamond Club out-of-area focus locations -all five Wellness
      Advocates must live within an area that they together could support a single event for Diamond
      Club – (at least 100 kilometers, one way, from one’s home).
    • These 10 WA’s should be some of your first contacts to host your Diamond Club events. They do not necessarily need to be personally enroled by you.

These 10 Wellness Advocates are used to qualify for Diamond Club and do not limit where one can travel. Once
can travel to multiple locations (not just this one focus area) after qualifying to participate in this
program; however, it is recommended that one utilise this area as a strong location to help qualify each

These 10 Wellness Advocates do no need to be personally enroled, but they do need to be in one’s organisation.
You can still count enrolments from other groups if you attend their meetings, however, possible Diamond
Club participants cannot use the same WA’s to meet this qualification.

  Diamond Club Sponsors

You must have at least 1 sponsor (can have up to 3) in order to participate in Diamond Club. Sponsors are
there to be a financial and emotional support to the Diamond Club participant. The sponsor(s) will pay
50% of the reimbursement; dōTERRA will pay the remaining 50%. It is the participant’s responsibility
to find their own sponsor(s). The direct upline of the participant should be the first requested sponsor.
If the direct upline cannot sponsor, the following should be considered:

  1. Can the next upline support?
  2. What support outside of the Diamond Club can they give to you?
  3. What can you do in order to be qualified for support next time?

Monthly Requirements


Please note the following changes to the monthly requirements for Diamond Club have changed:

  • 80% of the Diamond Club participant’s 18 qualifying enrolments must be located within the participant’s
  • The other 20% of the Diamond Club participant’s 18 qualifying enrolments do not need to be located within
    the participant’s organisation.

Diamond Club Monthly Requirements

These are requirements that must be met monthly in order to continue participating in Diamond Club.

  • Hold three* out-of-area trips per month in area(s) that are no less than 100 kilometers from home.
  • Hold three local trips per month to ensure your local team receives ample support while you are developing
    new areas.
  • Enrol 18 Wellness Advocates through Diamond Club trips (local and out-of-area) each month** of the contest.
  • Must conduct dōTERRA – related business and dealings with utmost integrity and adhere to company policy.

*Maximum of 6 out of area trips each month can be submitted for reimbursement. Travel to out-of-area trips
will qualify only by traveling at least 100 kilometers, one way, from one’s home. **During February to
April of Diamond Club, you are allowed one grace month. During this grace month, the monthly requirement
of 18 enrolments is dropped down to 10. Those who hit their 18 enrolments every month of Diamond Club
will receive a bonus 10 Diamond Club points.


Only trips and enrolments (from those trips) in which the Diamond Club member personally participates in
the presentation will count towards one’s required monthly enrolments (18) and for Diamond Club enrolment

Out-of-Area Trips Local Trips Trip Minimums/Maximums
Out-of-Area Trips An out-of-area trip is a meeting that is held in a location at least 100 km
from one’s home in which you personally participate in the presentation at the trip. Diamond
Club members are required to hold at least 3 out-of-area trips per month, between Feb 1 and
May 31, 2017.
Local Trips A local trip is a meeting that is held in one’s home area in which the Diamond Club
member personally participates in the presentation. (remove) at the trip Diamond Club members
are required to hold at least 3 local trips a month, between Feb 1 and May 31,2017.
Trip Minimums/Maximums The minimum number of local trips required to stay qualified in Diamond
Club is three per month. The minimum number of out-of-area trips required to stay qualified
in Diamond Club is three per month. There is no limit to how many out-of-area trips one may
have; however, only six trips will be reimbursed per month.

Qualifying Enrolments

A Qualifying Enrolment is any new Wellness Advocates enrolment
with at least 100 PV that occurs as a result of a meeting where a Diamond
Club member personally participates in the presentation*.  The new enrolees must physically attend the trip (webinars,
conference calls, Skype Meetings, GoToMeetings, and the like DO NOT QUALIFY) to qualify.  Enrolments must
be entered online (through the Diamond Club Portal) within 3 business days of the meeting
to count toward your totals; no exceptions. Local trips for which a Diamond Club member
personally participates in the presentation also count towards your enrolment requirement; it is imperative
that the Diamond Club member meets physically (face-to-face) with the new enrolee;
no exceptions. *New enrolees do not need to be personally “enroled” or “sponsored”. However, 80% of the Diamond
Club participants 18 qualifying enrolments must be located within the participant’s organisation. The other
20% of the Diamond Club participants 18 qualifying enrolments do not need to be located within the participant’s

Entering Enrolments

Qualified enrolments must be entered through the Diamond Club portal (linked to the Diamond Club website
homepage) to qualify for the Diamond Club incentives and for the enrolment to count towards the monthly
requirement (18 enrolments). If the qualified enrolment is not entered through the Diamond Club portal,
then the new Wellness Advocate is not eligible for the enrolment promotion. It is the Diamond Club member’s
responsibility to ensure that their team members and trip hosts understand that only enrolments from
Diamond Club trips should be entered through the portal by the Diamond Club member AND that enrolments
will only be eligible for the DC promotion IF they are entered correctly. It is the Diamond Club member’s
responsibility to enter the enrolments through the portal. Please do not instruct team members on how
to enter enrolments through the portal; this causes confusion and encourages cheating.

Other Team Enrolments

We expect Diamond Club members to ensure that every individual who attends one’s meetings and wants to join
dōTERRA is enrolled under the person who invited them to one’s meeting. The person who invited them may
not attend the meeting, and they may not be on one’s team, but Diamond Club members are responsible for
ensuring that enrolees are placed on the correct team and under the Wellness Advocate who referred them.
If it is determined that a Diamond Club member persuaded someone at a Diamond Club meeting to join with
someone other than the person who invited them, that Diamond Club member will be disqualified from Diamond
Club and lose the opportunity to finish their commitment and receive associated benefits. Maintaining
the integrity of the program is essential for its success. Event follow-up is essential to success in
Diamond Club; however, when someone from another team is involved this can be a grey area. If someone
attends a Diamond Club event from another team, and does not enrol at the event, follow-up is needed;
however, the follow-up should be done by the person who invited them to the event. It is the Diamond
Club member’s responsibility to follow-up with the inviter to ensure that one enrols the prospective
Wellness Advocates through the Diamond Club portal (so the new Wellness Advocate receives the incentive).


dōTERRA offers some very exciting prizes for Diamond Club. These prizes can be earned by accumulating points
that correspond with the number of enrolments, the enrolment PV, first and second LRP orders, and achieving
rank advancements during the Diamond Club season. Please see the chart below. The winning places will
be determined by adding all Diamond Club points together. Total Points earned will made known to our
current standing participants each week. To see the prizes, click here.






Points Awarded

How Points are Earned *All enrolments must be completed online within 3 business days of the Diamond Club event in order to count towards DC points.



Enrolment with 100 – 249PV



Enrolment with 250 – 499PV

Enrolment with 500PV+



1st month on LRP program with 100PV order



2nd month on LRP program with 100PV order



Achieving the rank of Silver while in Diamond Club



Achieving the rank of Gold while in Diamond Club



Achieving the rank of Platinum while in Diamond Club,



Achieving the rank of Diamond while in Diamond Club



Achieving the rank of Blue Diamond while in Diamond Club



Achieving the rank of Presidential Diamond while in Diamond Club



To create urgency for individuals to enrol as a Wellness Advocate at a Diamond Club event, dōTERRA will offer
special product promotions. Each Diamond Club member will need to enrol the prospective Wellness Advocate
using a special enrolment portal located on the Diamond Club website. Using this portal allows the qualified
prospect (enrolment of at least 100 PV) to receive their enrolment promotion AND is how a Diamond Club
member will receive points for the enrolmeimgnt and LRP orders for the next two months. If this special
Diamond Club portal is used for any order that does not fall within the Diamond Club enrolment parameters,
your participation in Diamond Club will immediately be terminated and your credit card on file will be
charged for the promotional product. For this purpose, we ask that the process of enrolling through the
portal not be shared with other Wellness Advocates on your team. You alone will be responsible to enter
the new enrolments online.

  Enrolment Incentives:

The following are promotional products that will be offered as part of the Diamond Club program to any enroling
order of those who meet the indicated PV and event requirements.


100PV enrolment order

400PV enrolment order



Grapefruit 15mL

Grapefruit 15mL & Balance 15mL



Cedarwood 15mL

Cedarwood 15mL & On Guard 15mL



Citrus Bliss 15mL

Citrus Bliss 15mL & Lavender Peace 15mL


Past Tense 10mL

Past Tense 10mL & Ice Blue 5mL


See the Forms tab for promotional flyers for these bonus products! If the qualified enrolment is not entered
through the Diamond Club portal, then the new Wellness Advocate is not eligible for the enrolment promotion;
it is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to enter the enrolments through the portal. The only exception
would be that the Diamond Club member could pick-up the enrolment promotion at Will Call and deliver
it to the new Wellness Advocate; however, they will forfeit the Diamond Club points that could have been
earned from this enrolment. It is the Diamond Club Member’s responsibility to prepare their event hosts
and explain to them how that new Wellness Advocates will only get the promotion if the DC member enters
the enrolment through the portal personally; failure to correctly instruct their host(s) could result
in forfeited Diamond Club points.

  LRP Enhancement Incentive

The LRP Enhancement is designed as an incentive to help new enrollees enroll with an LRP. Any Qualified Diamond
Club Enrolment that has an LRP order of 100 PV the following month, will receive 25 product credits added
to their account. These 25 points are added onto the account within 24hrs of the processed LRP order.
**April enrolments are only eligible for one month LRP DC points **May enrolments are not eligible for
LRP DC points


Travel Reimbursement

dōTERRA recognises travel expense can hinder individuals from maximising
their building potential in areas long distances from their home. A reimbursement program sponsored by upline
leader(s) and dōTERRA is offered to help lift that burden. To qualify for reimbursement, one must have a
wellness advocate on LRP in that area. Any exceptions must go through the Diamond Club Manager. Local trips
(within 100km from home) do not qualify for reimbursements. Travel reimbursement for distance traveled more
than 100 km one-way is available as follows:

Driving/Public Transportation

You can be reimbursed up to $200 a trip, paid at $0.22
per km (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA) You must drive at least 100 km (one-way) from your
home to qualify for this. Public transportation will be reimbursed at invoice cost.

  • Example 1: If you drive to a city 80 km from your home, you will not be reimbursed for
    this trip, but the enrolments from your event will count towards your enrolment requirements.
  • Example 2: It is acceptable to combine trips. If your first event location is 60 km
    from your home (which you will not be reimbursed for), and your next trip location is another 60
    km from your first location, you will be reimbursed for the distance from your home to your second
    location and back home as one event.
  • Example 3: If you live in Melbourne and you flew into Sydney and held an event and then
    drove to Newcastle (161 km one-way) for an additional event, you could request reimbursement for
    two events. One event would be a flight reimbursement and the second would be a driving reimbursement.
    If you rented a car when you flew into Sydney, then you could include the cost of that rental in
    your reimbursement request for your event in Newcastle (up to $200).
  • Example 4: If you are driving to Gold Coast from Perth you can request multiple reimbursements
    for multiple events if you hold events along the way. Contact family members, spas, wellness centers,
    retirement homes and create opportunities to share dōTERRA all along the way. For example if on your
    way from Perth you stop in Adelaide you can count the mileage to and from Adelaide as one event (starting
    in Perth). The next event could be held in Melbourne and you could count the mileage to and from
    Melbourne (starting in Adelaide). Next you could hold another event in Sydney and you could count
    the mileage to and from Sydney (starting in Melbourne). Your last event could then be in Gold Coast
    and you could count the mileage to and from Gold Coast (starting in Sydney). After returning from
    this cross country trip you would request reimbursement for four separate events (a maximum of $200
    for each event) and have some of your costs of driving covered (round-trip).

If you have any questions about how to maximise your reimbursements, please talk to the Diamond Club Manager.


Flights can be reimbursed up to $250 (50% from upline sponsor(s), 50% from dōTERRA for flights. Reimbursements
will be issued on a monthly basis according to the schedule below. In order to receive a reimbursement
you will need to be an active Diamond Club participant and complete your Reimbursement Form (Send to
diamondclubau@doterra.com) no later than midnight, AEDT, on the first day of the month (starting on March

  • Example 1: If you purchase a plane ticket for $157.00, you will be reimbursed $157.00.
  • Example 2: If you purchase a plane ticket for $345, you will be reimbursed $250.
  • Example 3: If I purchase a ticket for $570.00 that flys out of Darwin, has a leg in
    Brisbane, has a leg in Sydney, and then returns home you are eligible for a reimbursement for 2 events
    (up to $500). You would divide the total cost of the ticket ($570.00) by two (the number of qualified
    events); that would give you a cost of $285.00 per event. Record this amount as the cost for each
    event; however, you would only be eligible for a reimbursement of $250 for each event.

Reimbursement Requests





March 15th, 2017



April 14th,2017



May 13th, 2017


June 15th, 2017


maximum of 6 trips can be submitted for reimbursement each month.  One
must travel at least 100 km (one way) to be eligible for reimbursement. If you decide to opt out of
Diamond Club or don’t qualify to continue with the program (don’t meet enrolment and/or
minimum event requirements), you will be reimbursed for the month you participated in, but
dōTERRA will not continue to reimburse your travel for the following months and you will not be eligible
to offer the Diamond Club enrolment promotions.

Diamond Club Enrolments

  Enrolment Portal

We will be hosting webinars every Tuesday beginning the month of January. We will be posting all of our webinars
here for those who are unable to attend. Check back here for more webinars in the future!