dōTERRA and Animals

5th dōTERRA and Animals It’s no surprise that animals react just as well to dōTERRA products as people do. Below is a story from an IPC Dr. Martha Nessler whose patients include both people and animals. On competition day Kirsty popped a drop of Serenity Calming Blend on her hands at 6:00am and let her horse Ruby smell it off and on during their preparation time (plaiting up & washing). Normally she is difficult during this time, however that morning she was perfect! Then once she had her ready at the show Kirsty popped another drop onto her hands and the two of them “sniffed” away all morning. In fact a couple of times Ruby voluntary sniffed her hands without being given them to her! In the fours years that Ruby & Kirsty have been in “partnership” they had their best competitive day to date. Kirsty won best rider which was completely unexpected considering most of the other competitors do showings every weekend and most have been to Horse of the Year.

Kirsty and her horse Ruby

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