A new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer can be a qualified enrolment if he or she attends an event where a Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation and meets Untitled-1with them face to face.

A qualifying enrolment is a new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer enrolment that meets the following requirements:

  • A minimum initial order of 100 PV (combined orders do not count).
  • Physical attendance at the event (webinars, conference calls, Skype, GoTo Meetings, Facebook, Facebook live, Zoom, etc. do not qualify). New Wellness Advocates must meet the Diamond Club member face-to-face before they can be enroled. This is referred to as the Hug Rule.Entered online within three business days of the event in order to count toward your totals. The three business days start the first business day after the event. If the event is held on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) the first business day starts on the following Monday.
  • Entered online by yourself or your co-applicant (through the Diamond Club Portal) within three business days in order for the new enrolee to be eligible for the Diamond Club incentives.
  • Sponsored within the organisation of the Diamond Club member to count toward the monthly enrolment requirement (18 enrolments) and towards points and standings. (80% of enrolments must be within your organisation)
  • Reactivations do not count during Diamond Club, but are encouraged as a great way to build your team.

Qualified enrolments must be entered through the Diamond Club portal in order to count toward the Diamond Club member’s monthly requirements.

It is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility alone to enter all enrolments through the portal. Do not allow team members, event hosts, or upline leaders to enter enrolments through your portal.

We expect Diamond Club members to ensure that every individual who attends their meetings and wants to join dōTERRA is enroled under the person who invited them to the meeting. If we see this abused, the Diamond Club member may be immediately removed from the program. This holds true even when the WA who referred them is not at the event. Maintaining the integrity of the program is essential for its success.

As an added bonus for individuals to enrol as a WA or a Wholesale Customer at a Diamond Club event, and to help you reach your monthly enrolments, dōTERRA offers special product promotions during Diamond Club. Prospective WA’s and Wholesale Customers must be enroled by a DC member through the DC portal in order to be eligible for the promotional product.


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