What is the 2018 AU/NZ yōu Convention?

Convention is a yearly opportunity for Wellness Advocates to learn more about essential oils, hear from leaders of doTERRA Australia and New Zealand, and network with fellow Wellness Advocates. It is a celebration of success for all the hard work achieved over the past 12 months during Gala and recognition.

When will the yōu Convention schedule be published?

An agenda is currently available on the website to review.

The detailed schedule will be available upon registration at the event. We will provide more detailed information about our keynote speakers in the new year.

Is there a dress code for Convention?

Convention is a business event, we would recommend smart-casual attire in which you feel comfortable. Please note that the venue is air-conditioned and you may need a jacket when you are sitting still. 

Does the event allow for children to attend?

We do allow nursing infants and children over the age of 14. Children over the age of 14 will need to be registered for their own Convention ticket. If you are bringing a baby, a Parents Room will be available where live streaming of the general sessions will be provided if possible.

Is there a Lost and Found?

If a member has lost a personal item at the event, it will be given to the venue staff.

Will the event have wheelchair access?

If you require wheelchair access at the event, please acknowledge this in your registration.


Tickets and Registration

How can I see if I have purchased a ticket?

After Wellness Advocates have purchased a ticket, they should have received a confirmation email and had funds withdrawn from the bank. If they are still unsure, please contact australia@doterra.com or newzealand@doterra.com

You must be a Wellness Advocate to attend or the guest of a Wellness Advocate?

Convention is an event designed for Wellness Advocates, however there is no restriction on attendees.

Can I purchase a ticket for one day of Convention only, as I can attend only one day?

No, your Convention ticket entitles you to attend on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th March 2018 of Convention. There are no pro-rata tickets available for purchase if you can attend only one of these days

Can I purchase multiple tickets?

Yes, but each ticket must be registered in the name of each individual attending the event or you need to make these changes prior to the closing date for purchasing tickets.

Can I buy a ticket when I get to convention?
No, tickets must be purchased in advance by registering via the website https://ticketsaunz.doterra.com/

What is the last day I can purchase a convention ticket?
The last day to purchase a Convention ticket is Sunday 4th February 2018.

What if someone calls in about a death in the family, extreme ailments, or a catastrophic event?

Please contact australia@doterra.com or newzealand@doterra.com

Do you have a waitlist?

No, there are no waitlists for Convention or Gala tickets.

Can I transfer my Convention ticket?

Yes. Wellness Advocates who pre-registered can transfer their tickets for free up to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event date. Alternatively you can contact Member Services and you will need to pay a $25 transfer fee. There will be no ticket transfers after Saturday February 3rd 2018.

Is lunch included with my ticket?
Yes, lunch is included with the price of the ticket. There are plenty of eating places in the surrounding area if you wish to go out and purchase lunch at your own cost.

How can I cancel my ticket?

Refunds will incur an administration fund. We are unable to refund tickets four weeks or less from the commencement date of the Event. There will a $25 fee for ticket refunds. There will be no ticket refunds after Sunday 4 February 2018.

Will I receive a confirmation when I purchase my ticket?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from events@doterra.com after your convention ticket is purchased. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact member services on australia@doterra.com or newzealand@doterra.com

Will I get a ticket in the mail?
No, a ticket will not be posted to you. When you receive a confirmation email that means we have your information and you will need to provide your ticket either on your phone or printed out for registration.

Why do you need a name for each convention ticket purchase?
We print a name badge for each person attending convention and it becomes your pass that allows you access to Convention Rooms, food and events.

What is the last date for name changes?
We must have all name changes submitted by no later than Sunday 4 February 2018 in order to receive a printed name badge when you register at convention.


Products, Events and Attendance

What products are you launching?

We do not know what they will be until they are announced at Convention.

Will there be product for purchase?
Yes, we will have a discounted convention product offer as well as a variety of dōTERRA merchandise. No other products will be available for purchase or pick up during convention.

Payment options available are credit card only – no cash will be accepted.

Who will be speaking at Convention?

Detailed information on our keynote speakers will be available in the new year.

If I don’t make it to Convention, can I have any product available at the venue be shipped to me?

No. In order to receive any product available at the product, you must be in attendance at the event.

Can I purchase product for someone who is not attending convention?
No, the discounted convention product offer is only available to convention attendees.



What food options are available at the Gala?

Please ensure you detail your dietary requirements particularly any allergies on your registration.  We are unable to cater for all lifestyle choices, however we will do our best to provide vegan and gluten free options.

What is the Gala dress code?

Black Tie/Formal

Is there an age limit for the Gala?

Yes. There are no facilities for babies or children. No children under 14 are allowed. Any child attending who meets the criteria must have a gala ticket. 

Parking & Transportation

This information is currently available on the website to review under Travel/Hotel Info