Local Shipping Rewards Program – Now Live!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.43.23 AM In an effort to remove this roadblock we are introducing a Local Shipping Rewards Program. This new program will help consultants earn free product points that can be used toward purchasing orders.

Any Preferred Member Or Wellness Advocate can earn Local Shipping Rewards Program (SRP) points in three ways:

1) Online Local Order: By placing any local online order a consultant will earn 50 percent of the shipping costs in SRP points.

2) Member Services: By placing a Local Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) or enrolment order through the Member Services line, a consultant will also earn 50 percent of the shipping costs in SPR points.

3) Online: By placing an Local LRP or enrolment order online a consultant will earn 100 percent of the shipping cost in SRP points (i.e. free shipping)


 Frequently Asked Questions about the Shipping Rewards Program:

Q: What does online or automated order mean?

A: This is an order placed by a Wellness Advocate or Preferred Member through their back office (VO) that remains untouched by a customer service agent.

Q: When will points be added?

A: SRP points will be added to account during the commission run approximately 15 days after the end of the month.

Q: What orders qualify for SRP?

A: Local standard online orders as well as local LRP orders qualify when they meet the program criteria. Local enrolment orders also qualify based on the above criteria.

Q: What if an order is returned?

A: If an order is returned, SPR points from the order will be cancelled.

Q: Does the SRP only apply to standard shipping?

A: No, any shipping method will qualify for the SRP points as long as the order meets the program criteria.

Q: Will SPR points expire?

A: SRP points expire based on the same expiration schedule as LRP points.

Q: What markets can participate?

A: Local Australia market.

Q: Why did my order take more than 2–5 days for standard shipping?

A: The 2–5 days does not include warehouse processing time. Please allow 24 hours for processing on all forms of shipping.

Download the flyer here!